Urgent needs

Fast & efficient reaction // Exact solutions or matching proposals // Reliability // Short track


Project management // Complete range of products // Different grades, shapes & conditions // Mill advantages combined with stock flexibility


Bendings // Isometrics // Special fittings acc. To drawings // Out of standards


Pipes, Tubes, Flanges, Fittings, Plates & Sheets, Forgings, Bars

UREA AND NITRIC ACID PLANTS: Projects, shutdown, revamping,...

A presentation on special corrosion-resistant steels for nitric acid and urea service and the role played by strategic equipment from experienced suppliers and technical support in saving time, stress and money. Introduction: Urea plants and Nitric plants: different solutions for different...

Quality management

In order to maintain and pursue his high quality level, Gemaco has added a UT and a roughness testing machine to its already existing internal testing equipment: PMI (Positive Material Identification), Ferritoscope and personalized Identification and Marking system (Tagging).

Gemaco qualified in accordance with the Saipem procedures

Gemaco successfully completed the qualification in accordance with the Saipem procedures. The qualification stands for the supply of goods and/or services for Seamless Pipes in Steel according to SPC G510- Urea Plant.