Urgent needs

Fast & efficient reaction // Exact solutions or matching proposals // Reliability // Short track


Project management // Complete range of products // Different grades, shapes & conditions // Mill advantages combined with stock flexibility


Bendings // Isometrics // Special fittings acc. To drawings // Out of standards


Pipes, Tubes, Flanges, Fittings, Plates & Sheets, Forgings, Bars

UREA AND NITRIC ACID PLANTS: Projects, shutdown, revamping,...

A presentation on special corrosion-resistant steels for nitric acid and urea service and the role played by strategic equipment from experienced suppliers and technical support in saving time, stress and money. Introduction: Urea plants and Nitric plants: different solutions for different...

Quality management

In order to maintain and pursue his high quality level, Gemaco has added a UT and a roughness testing machine to its already existing internal testing equipment: PMI (Positive Material Identification), Ferritoscope and personalized Identification and Marking system (Tagging).