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Our Mission Vision

Progress through long term business relationships.

Since 25 years from now Gemaco aims to deliver special materials such as urea and nitric acid right on time. The company has a variety of solutions for processes that require high quality fertilizers. This can only be achieved by investing continuously in strong business relationships with our leading manufacturers, licensors, final users and our internal team.


“Dig the well before you are thirsty”

Proactivity is the value we are pursuing to perfection. We can achieve this thanks to the strong technical knowledge of our staff concerning special materials such as the ones needed for urea and nitric acid processes, the permanent availability of our stock and its reliable quality. Our company is able to achieve all of these processes on a daily basis.


Thanks to the strong technical knowledge and commitment of the team we can pursue our most important value, proactivity.

Our company has a wide network of clients and partners around the world, this makes our company active in the different cultural environments.

Gemaco is situated 8 km from Liège-Bierset airport, 12 km from Liège train station, 90 km from Brussels airport and 130 km from Antwerp seaport. So our geographical position has a big influence on the rapid shipments we can provide to our customers.

Our team is divided into five sections: Logistics, Commercial, Accounting, Quality control and Stock management. The division of our team into smaller sections will provide a greater knowledge of each branch and thus a positive influence on the quality of the goods we provide.

We provide a strategic stock for all of our customers. Generally this means that we have the goods in stock that are difficult to obtain, this is thus a major advantage in terms of differentiating ourselves from the competitors.


Offices 650 m2
Stocks Hall 1.600 m2
Outdoor 6.000 m2
Sawing ≤ 420mm
Overhead crane 6.3 To
Forklift 4.5 To
Suction lifting system 2.8 To
Weighing ≤ 5.0 To
Marking Color coding
Controls Ferritscope® FISCHER

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